Nature vs Snobs

September 6, 2011

Well… it seems a small community, that recorded CC&R’s with the county of San Diego calling for the exclusion of blacks, asians, latinos & jews when the project was originally developed, don’t want the Buena Vista Lagoon to continue its journey back to being what it is… er.. was… a salt water lagoon.

Why? They think the mud will smell bad.

Smell bad? Worse than when the lagoon gets millions of gallons of sewage leaked into it every few years? Really?

A natural, salt-water lagoon doesn’t smell bad… it smells natural. Your car smells bad.

Now the state is going to drop the restoration of the lagoon rather than deal with these elitist snobs.

I say we spend some time getting to know the folks down there. Perhaps hanging around and sharing our opinions with them. Hell, on any given day I smell much worse than a lagoon. Honest.

Here’s the article.

… and if you’re interested.. here’s the community’s web site.

… and here’s a map on how to get there.

Have a good day!


Swimmer killed in Shark Attack

April 27, 2008

A swimmer at a local beach was killed on Friday after being attacked by a shark. The poor guys ordeal was plastered on the TV for a bit. And certainly will have some local follow-up stories.. but that’s not what has caught my attention.

What I did notice was my attitude as a surfer.

Initially I craved all the information I could get… and then.. after hearing enough.. My brain did a funny thing. It said, “Well.. he was a swimmer.. not a surfer.”.. As if laying on my surfboard somehow protects me from the man in the grey suit (shark).

I don’t know how the triathaletes are reacting.. He was one of their clan. .. and as a surfer I acknowledge the similarities in our ocean activities… but for some reason.. my brain creates some distance.

Perhaps my love of surfing is so great that I know I won’t stop doing it.. Just like a golfer doesn’t stop golfing when someone gets struck by lightning.. But.. you _can_ see storm clouds.

We ocean-goers like to think we can sense the storm that is a shark. We say it’s “sharky.” And we notice things like changes in seal/sea lion activity.. but for the most part we don’t mention these activities until after someone has a shark encounter.

Another thing has already happened… surfers are wondering if this attack will mean less crowds in the water. This is disturbing. Here a fellow ocean lover has met his fate in a terrifying manner. His legs were mostly bitten off.. held on by his wet suit. His family certainly finds no solace in the fact that the shark didn’t stick around to finish the job.. No solace that the shark probably mistaked this healthy, retired man that was doing something he loved .. mistook him for a seal. … well.. perhaps there is a bit of solace in the fact that he was doing someting he loved.

But.. here it is a horrible situation.. and surfers are wondering if it’ll help them get more waves this year.

Don’t get me wrong.. I have these same thoughts.. I’m hoping that less people come to the beach so that I don’t have to fight for a parking spot. I don’t want to have to dodge people in the water. I’d love more waves.

I dunno.. I guess it is a peer pressure thing.. It feels like we’re supposed to change our habits because one of the herd got killed.. like the herd of zebra at the watering hole have all bolted for the hills.. but I’m still thirsty.

Maybe that’s what makes us surfers and triathaletes and boogie boarders and snorklers and other ocean lovers.. The fact that we know what could happen out there. We’ve accepted it. We’ve weighed the risks. We’ve decided it’s worth it.

So.. if someday I get bit by a shark.. and I don’t make it back to the beach.. Well.. Damn.. That wasn’t worth it at all.. was it.  But, I’m still gonna surf.

National Brotherhood Week

February 28, 2008

For some reason I got to thinking of this song… I remember it from my childhood… this one and Tom Lehrer’s WWIII song, “So Long Mom (I’m off to drop the bomb)”…

 As a kid these were fun songs to sing.. they ryhmed.. the adults reacted in interesting ways and were impressed that I could memorize things…

As I got older National Brotherhood Week would surface every now and again into my conciousness… by then I could understand the words and they held water. I knew they were sarcastic… but both messages were good. I’d think of it when I saw someone giving lip-service to a cause that obviously went against everthing they’d ever done..

Now I listen with the ears of someone who is “old” to today’s college kids… and the words still make sense.

It seems so silly… so simple… I know.. I know.. that’s the point of the sarcasm.. But just think.. What if everyone woke up tomorrow and decide to get along. What if when something lousy happens we just say, “bummer” and move on… not villify the por sod that made a mistake the lead to our misfortune…

Hell.. it’s when Jesus said, “just blame me.” … or words to that effect… but.. well.. odds are that you’ll wake up tomorrow and blame someone for waking you up.. or swear at the car in front of you.. or look at a person on the sidewalk and assume you know everything about them.. and hate them for it…

Hell.. blame me.. hate me.. and be done with it… I’m just some electricity on the net anyway.

Near as I can tell… National Brotherhood Week was the last week in February.. so .. happy National Brotherhood Week… shake hands with someone you dispise…

Ya never know.. maybe tomorrow is the day we all wake up and are nice to each other… it could happen.. right?

All it takes is you.


February 21, 2008

Multi-Cultural Markers 

I’ve always found it interesting when people talk about where they “come from.”

Not their home town… though, that can be a fun talk too… No.. it’s when they talk about their family tree.. their roots.. lineage..

It used to be a big joke.. You know.. how everyone is related to some king or patriot.. Hell, myself?? I’m a descendant of Myles Standish (aka Miles) That not-really-a-pilgrim Pilgrim.. The man hired by the “Pilgrims” to be their military advisor… I use “” around “Pilgrim”.. because at Plimouth Plantation (Plymouth Plantation) they use the term, “The English Colonists at Plymouth (many people call them “Pilgrims” today)”.. and they use the term a lot..

That’s on my Dad’s side… believe me.. The way my Grandma went on about it you’d think we all had something to do with who he was… alas.. we came AFTER… but I digress.

On my Mom’s side the Ace that we drop is Thomas Paine… yes _that_ Thomas Paine.. the one who wrote, “Common Sense.”

I guess I never thought twice about it.. I mean.. sure..  I’d read an embarrassingly small bit of Common Sense a LONG time ago.. and lately thought about it while watching our country’s citizens give up their rights.. (and recently with the fight against the Toll Troll!) But really.. what did they have to do with me.

The older I get… the funnier the whole thing is… except that it isn’t funny at all. It’s racist… and that’s sad. Sad because I should be able to be proud of any of my relatives without it putting anyone down.. bear with me..

As I grew up things slowly sunk in. While working at a ski resort in Colorado I got to hang out with some people from Australia. And we got to talking about being “from”.. and to be “from” Australia means to be one of the convicts that got shipped over to the penal colony…. so they all have a Scottish relative that they are “from.” (I hear that’s slowly changing.. I hope so!)

South Africans.. white ones.. well.. it’s a Dutch versus England thing if memory serves.  English? Sheesh for such a small Island each chunk has it’s own dialect and, from my experience, they get extremely defensive if you guess the wrong region (hint.. don’t guess.. guess something like New Zealand and let them laugh at you.. it’s better that way.)

I’m getting way off point… but maybe that’s the point.

Why do we have to define who we are by our racial lineage. And if we must do so.. why do we always leave out the entire story? What do I mean by that?? Well.. we’re all mutts.

I was watching … geez, it was a while ago.. anyway.. I was watching a PBS show where a guy was doing genealogical work on a group of famous black people. It was interesting to watch as their actual dna was tested to show where they were “from.” It was interesting on many levels.. One simply because I’m “white” and can’t know what it’s like to be always seen as a color… But the fascinating thing was how they all hoped to be from Africa. It was obvious why they wished it so… They gave plenty of stories of how it was looked at among their peers to be whatever shade of “black” they were.  I’m not going into the detail here.. ya gotta watch the show… which I don’t have a link to.. but here’s a link to the follow up show, “African-American Lives 2.”

The reason I brought up that show is because it shows how silly the idea of being of any “race” is.. I mean .. sure.. we’re all of the human race.. but that’s the point.

Some of the people were shaken to find that while our society was busy putting them down they were actually mostly “white” in dna. And it wasn’t visually apparent what the dna was going to reveal.  I used to say that I’d be willing to bet anything that any “white” had “black” dna in there… Not a thing to tell some people if you want to keep your nose from being punched.

But why would they punch your nose? I mean.. really.. it’s not who they are.. Their lineage doesn’t define them any more than I define Thomas Paine… does it??

I’m leaving something out, though… Society… the herd… We are a fearful lot.. we humans.. Like Zebras at a water hole.. we let others go check to see if things are safe.. if they don’t get eaten we’ll all rush to the water.. and flee as a Croc pulls one of us down.. ..maybe more like a pack of wild dogs… If we see weakness we exploit it.. attack it..

Weakness… color is not a weakness… but numbers can be. If I can classify you as “other” than me.. and I am in the bigger group…. Ah Ha!! Now we’re talkin’ .. now I’m better than you.

Man.. I’m ramblin’… My point was that race is a pointless word.  A couple of years ago they discovered the “DNA Change” that led to white skin.. It came from a guy leaving Africa 10,000 years ago. .. so there ya go.. we’re all the same…  There ya have it… we’re all from the same stock. Come to think of it.. “White” is a mutation.. Mutant.. there is a word with negative connotations..

I got travelling down this path tonight by watching video of Art from a guy that started wondering about race when he had to fill out a standardized test. “White(non-Hispanic), Hispanic… etc..”  White was the only one with an extra classification. .. the one club it was hardest to be in.  Go figure.. they are.. after all.. Mutants.

I always check the box for “Decline to answer” .. I used to check other.. but someone told me that made me a Pacific Islander.. Cool!!… but I’m really just a Pangea Native.

What’s your color?!

San Onofre… We Won!!

February 8, 2008

Yesterday, Feb 6th, I stood for 14 hours with a big cardboard sign trying to be heard by the California Coastal Commission regarding the Toll Road proposed to slice through San Onofre State Park.

CCC1Toll TrollThe eyes

Going in it looked like a close vote… either 6-4 for the project.. or 5-5 … word was that one commissioner was on the fence.. and we needed that one to stop the project. After the biggest public attendance to one of these meetings EVER the vote went 8-2 against!!

Thank you Coastal Commission for doing a wonderful job. These people aren’t paid to do what they do… The labor union guys that the TDA (toll road) people brought in (and who left at 2pm when their shift was done) made more money that day the the commissioners.. Thank you California Coastal Commission for enduring that and for running a good meeting in trying conditions.

 Well done!

I’ll get some links posted to this page soon with pictures and such.. but right now I’m gonna go celebrate some more.

The next step for the toll road is to appeal… and Bush man (the president guy) has the power to trump the commission.. which he did recently with the Navy’s sonar program that kills sea animals.. namely whales and dolphins… a program deemed necessary to train to find “silent subs” that our enemy has.. I wasn’t aware of the fleet of silent subs that Al Qaeda has. I guess that’s one of those top secrets.

Anyway.. it’s a good day.


The news cast didn’t make me sound that bad… I’m near the end of the video.. actually you can see me in the beginning and end too.. it’s easy to see my skinny legs… but I speak with about 40 seconds left in the clip.

Here’s another local news cast … if you watch the video you can see me looking like a total kuk drifting into the TV’s lineup.

Stop and … well.. stop

January 24, 2008

Have you ever pulled up behind another car at a stop sign only to sit there and wait while that person continued to stop. Just sitting there stopped.

No one at the intersection. No crossing guards and chatting kids. No fire engines racing up the street.

Just stopped.

Depending upon how your day is going, you wait what you feel is an appropriate amount of time before tapping the horn. Well.. if you live in a big city you lean on the horn a bit. I suppose the stereotype for New York, Philly, or Buffalo would be to jam on the horn, lean out the window and shout.

Anyway… there is a moment before the horn that you contemplate just what the heck the problem is with the idiot and why is he doing this to you. Why does he (or she I suppose) want to ruin your day?! Don’t they know you have a life?! Just because they don’t have a life doesn’t give them the right to mess with yours.

How the hell did they get a liscense anyway?!

Well… I don’t know about the guy in front of you. But, I sat spaced out at a stop sign yesterday.

I was heading home from taking my boy (5) to school. Down the little short-cut road talking to my little girl (2) and watching the road. I stop at the 4-way stop. Look around. There is a crossing guard by it’s still about 15-minutes before any kids’ll show up so she’s just standing there reading a book.

I’m not sure how long I sat there waiting for the light to turn green. When the hot flash of, “Duh!” washed over me it seemed like I’d sat there for 3 minutes.

I’m sure it was only 30 seconds or so… and nobody pulled up behind me. But sheesh. What’s that all about?!

I remember sitting in the back seat of my Grandma’s car on a trip with my brother to see her in Florida. She’d just picked us up at the airport. We were at a stop sign. Just waiting.

No.. actually, I think that was just a blinking yellow light. Either way, I remember wondering if that’s what getting old is like. I also remember thinking someone would plow into the back of the car and that driving in Florida must be nuts (it is).

I guess my point is this. If that person in front of you seems dead set on making your day fall apart… be it at the store.. on the road… at dinner… Maybe that’s a good time to remember the last time you were in the grocery store’s fast lane with too many items and give the idiot in front of you a break.

That idiot could be you.