San Onofre… We Won!!

February 8, 2008

Yesterday, Feb 6th, I stood for 14 hours with a big cardboard sign trying to be heard by the California Coastal Commission regarding the Toll Road proposed to slice through San Onofre State Park.

CCC1Toll TrollThe eyes

Going in it looked like a close vote… either 6-4 for the project.. or 5-5 … word was that one commissioner was on the fence.. and we needed that one to stop the project. After the biggest public attendance to one of these meetings EVER the vote went 8-2 against!!

Thank you Coastal Commission for doing a wonderful job. These people aren’t paid to do what they do… The labor union guys that the TDA (toll road) people brought in (and who left at 2pm when their shift was done) made more money that day the the commissioners.. Thank you California Coastal Commission for enduring that and for running a good meeting in trying conditions.

 Well done!

I’ll get some links posted to this page soon with pictures and such.. but right now I’m gonna go celebrate some more.

The next step for the toll road is to appeal… and Bush man (the president guy) has the power to trump the commission.. which he did recently with the Navy’s sonar program that kills sea animals.. namely whales and dolphins… a program deemed necessary to train to find “silent subs” that our enemy has.. I wasn’t aware of the fleet of silent subs that Al Qaeda has. I guess that’s one of those top secrets.

Anyway.. it’s a good day.


The news cast didn’t make me sound that bad… I’m near the end of the video.. actually you can see me in the beginning and end too.. it’s easy to see my skinny legs… but I speak with about 40 seconds left in the clip.

Here’s another local news cast … if you watch the video you can see me looking like a total kuk drifting into the TV’s lineup.


Arnold responds about State Park closures.

January 29, 2008

Hey!  Got a response from the Governator’s office… the response was to a letter about his closing of 50 state parks (actually it is _only_48 parks as Arnie’s flunkie’s pedantic response points out…).

Anyway.. here’s the response

Thank you for writing Governor Schwarzenegger and sharing your thoughts on the budget crisis’ impact on the California State Park system.  The Governor appreciates your input during this difficult budget year. 

A weakened national economy and auto-pilot state spending has created a projected budget shortfall of $14.5 billion for fiscal year 2008-09. Although state government revenues this coming year are actually forecast to hold steady, the problem is that every year automatic spending formulas increase expenditures.  Left unchecked, next year’s budget would
need to grow by 7.3-percent, which is $7.6 billion; even booming economies can’t meet that kind of increase.  To immediately combat this crisis, the Governor has proposed a 10-percent reduction in nearly every General Fund program from their projected 2008-09 funding levels.  While these reductions are unquestionably painful and challenging, this
across-the-board approach is designed to protect essential services by spreading reductions as evenly as possible.

To achieve this difficult reduction, State Parks will be reducing both its permanent and seasonal workforce.  As a result, 48 park units will be closed or partially closed to the public and placed in caretaker status.  By closing parks and eliminating positions, remaining resources can be consolidated and shifted to other parks to provide for services
necessary to keep those parks open and operating.  While 48 parks are affected by closures, 230 parks-or 83% of the system-will remain open.

We must reform our state budget process.  Government cannot continue to put people through the binge and purge of our budget process that has now led to park closures.  That’s why the Governor has proposed a Budget Stabilization Act.  Under the Governor’s plan, when revenues grow, Sacramento would not be able to spend all the money.  Instead, we would set a portion aside in a Revenue Stabilization Fund to stabilize the budget in down years.  If a deficit develops during the year, instead of waiting to accumulate billions of dollars of debt, the Governor’s plan would automatically trigger lower funding levels already agreed upon by the Legislature.  Had this system been in place the past decade, we
would not be facing a $14.5 billion deficit. 

As Governor Schwarzenegger works with his partners in the Legislature, he will keep your concerns in mind.  With your help, we will turn today’s temporary problem into a permanent victory for the people of California.

Jared Bocka
Office of Constituent Affairs

My response was a little less… uh.. professional.

Bologna… you are closing the parks to strong arm your reform push… man up.. if you need to raise taxes.. do.. if you need to get politicians to work together.. do.. but don’t take it out on the struggling families who can’t buy Sea World or Disney passes.. they buy a park pass… whatta joke.

Tough times call for creativity.. not taking your ball and going home… give me a break.

Like I said before.. Arnold is high.. especially if he’s listening to advisors on this.. probably the same guys that wanna rip up San Onofre.. well done.

I was going to search for the letter I originally sent Arnold when I heard of his decision to close the parks… but I remember what I said… It was a short letter..

 To:Arnold <>,

Subject:      Park Closures

Are you high?!


To the California Coastal Commission

January 29, 2008

Here’s a letter I wrote to the California Coastal Commission… they are meeting February 6th to discuss the fate of San Onofre State Beach … home of the famous Trestles surf break.. a park set aside by Nixon and Reagan… set to be raped .. or should I simply say groped by Arnold the Governator. 

I’m having a hard time believing that it’s really necessary to write this letter.

Certainly, on an individual and personal basis, everyone understands that the proposed toll road through San Onofre State Park is a bad thing.

It’s groups that support this thing. Not individuals. Groups don’t use the land. Groups only get bigger and solicit money.

Sure, groups are made of individuals. But, individuals have a hard time standing up to groups… just ask the guards that sent people into ovens in WWII. Sure, they knew it wasn’t right… but what could _they_ do.

Some groups spin this toll road as a necessary evil. Something to be done to relieve the crush of humanity on our highways.

When are we going to say enough?

If a child wants more candy. Do we open their mouths and pour in the sugar?

If a dog pees on the carpet do we pat him on the head, give him a bowl of water and wait for him to do it again?

If a group keeps asking for more and we give it to them they will just want more.

Ever seen a parent warn a kid saying, “Ok.. but this is the last time!” Only to see the kid whine and get another turn. Does that help the kid learn to control himself??

No. Saying, “ok, just this one time.” really says, “We’re too lazy to stop you and probably will be next time as well.”

The world is made up of individuals. We individuals need your group to help keep our coast from destruction.

Please vote against the proposed 241 toll road. Do it for us. Do it for them. Do it for yourself.

If you’re reading this.. why not take the time and come down to the Del Mar Race Track.. where the surf meets the turf… that’s where the meeting is on Feb 6.. and that’s where we need lots of people to show the Commission what we think.

Arnold wants to terminate San Onofre State Beach.

January 22, 2008

Here is a letter to my state’s (California) Governor…. the Governator.. Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Arnold… I believe in you. I thought you should know the impression you are giving the people of your state.

We wonder why our action hero.. champion of the common person.. Kindergarten Cop… Running Man… the one who when the chips are down we can go to…

We wonder why you are selling our state. We are starting to wonder why you came to California.. The commoner still thinks you came for California life-style… where the outdoors is still important…

The commoner doesn’t understand the depths of your ego.. they haven’t seen the glimpses you gave in Pumping Iron…

You’ve obviously found something better than pumping up.. which you said was better than.. er.. shall we say you said it felt pretty good.

You’ve found pure power… and you’ve discovered it is yours to abuse.

You’ve discovered what people with means will do to direct that power.

History loves those that show restraint. History immortalizes those that champion for the land and the common people.

History vilifies those that sell their power to the highest bidder… or those that are duped by fast-talking swindlers.

I still believe in you to do the right thing.

You are being duped on the whole toll road affair. It is bad for California.

Solidify your place among the hero’s of real-life History. Stop the toll road at San Onofre.

Be a Hero.

Here’s what Heull Howser of California’s Gold (a PBS TV program) says about the proposed toll road.

If you want to do something to help… go here!