Plannin’ for the JMT

April 19, 2016

Well… this is cool. I used to backpack as a kid. Actually, I kinda grew up in the woods. It wasn’t that I backpacked. I just wore a pack to take the stuff I needed to be where I was.

I suppose this idea followed me around. My pack increased in size to a Honda CRX… then came a wife and kids and the pack became an apartment and then a house… and the woods bit kinda went away.

After the mountains and the backpack came the CRX and a ski town… then the CRX and surfing… then the aforementioned wife and kids.

I don’t want to sound like the wife and kids took these things away from me. We camp and stuff, but it is far less of a lifestyle than it used to be. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just the way it is.

Now a co-worker of my wife’s, who has also become a mutual friend, mentioned that he was walking the JMT. The what? The John Muir Trail. He is recreating a trip from his past and put word out that he’d like company if anyone would like to walk some of the trail with him.

Well, hell yeah! My wife knows I need something like this. I’ve been an at home parent for a long time and complain about never getting any time off. 7 days in the wilderness without any family responsibility (other than to stay alive) is exactly what I need.

Now I get to start planning what I’ll be packing. I never used to plan. I’d grab the pack and toss in the necessities and start walking… but I’m a lot older and softer now. I probably feel I need far more than I used to … and I’m far-less capable of carrying it. So… a little planning is in order.

One thing I’m thinking of is what I’m using right now. I’m typing with a portable keyboard and my Kindle fire… Not exactly light… but probably the same as a notebook… the kind with paper and a spiral… I have a solar lantern (tiny) that has a battery that can recharge the kindle… so I may take this rig along to write.

Anyway… thinking about that made me want to test it out… and thus, this blog entry was born…

So… after I don’t know how long, Pangea Native is back on the air.




About Pangea Native

January 21, 2008

Pangea Native… when I was a kid…. let me rephrase that… when I was younger and people would ask, “where are you from?” I would reply, “Pangea.”

I suppose it was a smart-alec thing to say but even then I meant it. 

Mayby I didn’t know what it meant in words… I think I do now.

We are all from the same place. We are all people. I know.. I know.. it’s too simplistic.

Or is it?

We all have friends. We all have joys and hardships. It is usually someone else that is the problem. Someone else that is causing us grief…. How can that be. How come we all feel pretty much the same about ourselves.

 Where are the bad guys? Certainly you know a polititian who is out to ruin your life. Or maybe it’s a neighbor that insists on being unneighborly. You get the point.

But wait a second… to someone maybe you’re that neighbor. Or maybe you voted for that politician. Or maybe you believe or don’t believe in something. Maybe you’re the bad guy. Maybe it’s me.

Yet, I know I’m not a bad guy and I’m guessing you know that you aren’t bad.

So that leaves us with one thing. Pangea Native. We’re all from Pangea.

…. institutions aren’t from Pangea. They are human creations… But, that’s another story.

One foot in front of the other…

June 17, 2007

Hello… welcome to Pangea Native… let us all listen to the sound of nobody reading this.

 Well, I suppose we must start somewhere … here’s to taking the first step and actually setting up a blog.

 I’m not sure what I’m gonna be writing about… hopefully my words will be worth reading.