Pangea Native… when I was a kid…. let me rephrase that… when I was younger and people would ask, “where are you from?” I would reply, “Pangea.”

I suppose it was a smart-alec thing to say but even then I meant it. 

Mayby I didn’t know what it meant in words… I think I do now.

We are all from the same place. We are all people. I know.. I know.. it’s too simplistic.

Or is it?

We all have friends. We all have joys and hardships. It is usually someone else that is the problem. Someone else that is causing us grief…. How can that be. How come we all feel pretty much the same about ourselves.

 Where are the bad guys? Certainly you know a polititian who is out to ruin your life. Or maybe it’s a neighbor that insists on being unneighborly. You get the point.

But wait a second… to someone maybe you’re that neighbor. Or maybe you voted for that politician. Or maybe you believe or don’t believe in something. Maybe you’re the bad guy. Maybe it’s me.

Yet, I know I’m not a bad guy and I’m guessing you know that you aren’t bad.

So that leaves us with one thing. Pangea Native. We’re all from Pangea.

…. institutions aren’t from Pangea. They are human creations… But, that’s another story.


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  1. Billy Paul says:

    Your comments about Pangea are interesting. Apparently you have given much thought about where we have all come from. You are quite insightful. as Pangea was the one single landmass where it all started.

    I have given this some thought too! Have you noticed that we are all one bone, two bone animals, as our extremities extend from our bodies. That is, as your arm extends out, the first bone is a single bone, past your elbow joint you have two bones! Your lege are the same way. first one bone (the femur), then two (the tibia and fibula)! All animals are this way: dogs, cats, horses, chickens, rats, dinosaurs, etc. We all have come from the same (one bone-two bone) animal that somehow started it all! And we all are truly from Pangea (the one continent) where it all began.

    Billy Paul

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