The Feds Agreed!!!

Well.. I was suprised this past December.. I was certain that NOAA would succumb to the idiocy that is the Bush Administration’s handling of anything regarding natue and overturn the California Coastal Commission’s ruling on the Toll Troll.

I don’t usually like to say this.. but … I was wrong!!!  We still won!! The Toll Troll tried to say that their project was needed for national security.. and even mentioned the possiblility of an evacuation due to an nuclear accident at San Onofre.. hmm.. let me see.. would I drive up to San O and pass by the plant to get to this live-saving road?  Uh.. no… What if I lived in San Clemente.. would I drive toward the hypothetically-melting-down plant to get to this road… uh… no..  and how about all the alternatives that the TCA didn’t consider??

Well  NOAA saw through the smoke and mirrors and sided with common sense.. The Toll Troll even tried to say cutting through the park with a big-ass highway would HELP the environment.. Ha!  Amazing what greed will make people say.

But.. I’m rambling.. I really don’t have time to type right now.. but.. I’ve been meaning to share this news.. so.. consider it shared.


One Response to The Feds Agreed!!!

  1. PangeaNative says:

    2 years later.. and the Toll Troll is trying to come back.

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