National Brotherhood Week

For some reason I got to thinking of this song… I remember it from my childhood… this one and Tom Lehrer’s WWIII song, “So Long Mom (I’m off to drop the bomb)”…

 As a kid these were fun songs to sing.. they ryhmed.. the adults reacted in interesting ways and were impressed that I could memorize things…

As I got older National Brotherhood Week would surface every now and again into my conciousness… by then I could understand the words and they held water. I knew they were sarcastic… but both messages were good. I’d think of it when I saw someone giving lip-service to a cause that obviously went against everthing they’d ever done..

Now I listen with the ears of someone who is “old” to today’s college kids… and the words still make sense.

It seems so silly… so simple… I know.. I know.. that’s the point of the sarcasm.. But just think.. What if everyone woke up tomorrow and decide to get along. What if when something lousy happens we just say, “bummer” and move on… not villify the por sod that made a mistake the lead to our misfortune…

Hell.. it’s when Jesus said, “just blame me.” … or words to that effect… but.. well.. odds are that you’ll wake up tomorrow and blame someone for waking you up.. or swear at the car in front of you.. or look at a person on the sidewalk and assume you know everything about them.. and hate them for it…

Hell.. blame me.. hate me.. and be done with it… I’m just some electricity on the net anyway.

Near as I can tell… National Brotherhood Week was the last week in February.. so .. happy National Brotherhood Week… shake hands with someone you dispise…

Ya never know.. maybe tomorrow is the day we all wake up and are nice to each other… it could happen.. right?

All it takes is you.


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