To the California Coastal Commission

Here’s a letter I wrote to the California Coastal Commission… they are meeting February 6th to discuss the fate of San Onofre State Beach … home of the famous Trestles surf break.. a park set aside by Nixon and Reagan… set to be raped .. or should I simply say groped by Arnold the Governator. 

I’m having a hard time believing that it’s really necessary to write this letter.

Certainly, on an individual and personal basis, everyone understands that the proposed toll road through San Onofre State Park is a bad thing.

It’s groups that support this thing. Not individuals. Groups don’t use the land. Groups only get bigger and solicit money.

Sure, groups are made of individuals. But, individuals have a hard time standing up to groups… just ask the guards that sent people into ovens in WWII. Sure, they knew it wasn’t right… but what could _they_ do.

Some groups spin this toll road as a necessary evil. Something to be done to relieve the crush of humanity on our highways.

When are we going to say enough?

If a child wants more candy. Do we open their mouths and pour in the sugar?

If a dog pees on the carpet do we pat him on the head, give him a bowl of water and wait for him to do it again?

If a group keeps asking for more and we give it to them they will just want more.

Ever seen a parent warn a kid saying, “Ok.. but this is the last time!” Only to see the kid whine and get another turn. Does that help the kid learn to control himself??

No. Saying, “ok, just this one time.” really says, “We’re too lazy to stop you and probably will be next time as well.”

The world is made up of individuals. We individuals need your group to help keep our coast from destruction.

Please vote against the proposed 241 toll road. Do it for us. Do it for them. Do it for yourself.

If you’re reading this.. why not take the time and come down to the Del Mar Race Track.. where the surf meets the turf… that’s where the meeting is on Feb 6.. and that’s where we need lots of people to show the Commission what we think.


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