Stop and … well.. stop

Have you ever pulled up behind another car at a stop sign only to sit there and wait while that person continued to stop. Just sitting there stopped.

No one at the intersection. No crossing guards and chatting kids. No fire engines racing up the street.

Just stopped.

Depending upon how your day is going, you wait what you feel is an appropriate amount of time before tapping the horn. Well.. if you live in a big city you lean on the horn a bit. I suppose the stereotype for New York, Philly, or Buffalo would be to jam on the horn, lean out the window and shout.

Anyway… there is a moment before the horn that you contemplate just what the heck the problem is with the idiot and why is he doing this to you. Why does he (or she I suppose) want to ruin your day?! Don’t they know you have a life?! Just because they don’t have a life doesn’t give them the right to mess with yours.

How the hell did they get a liscense anyway?!

Well… I don’t know about the guy in front of you. But, I sat spaced out at a stop sign yesterday.

I was heading home from taking my boy (5) to school. Down the little short-cut road talking to my little girl (2) and watching the road. I stop at the 4-way stop. Look around. There is a crossing guard by it’s still about 15-minutes before any kids’ll show up so she’s just standing there reading a book.

I’m not sure how long I sat there waiting for the light to turn green. When the hot flash of, “Duh!” washed over me it seemed like I’d sat there for 3 minutes.

I’m sure it was only 30 seconds or so… and nobody pulled up behind me. But sheesh. What’s that all about?!

I remember sitting in the back seat of my Grandma’s car on a trip with my brother to see her in Florida. She’d just picked us up at the airport. We were at a stop sign. Just waiting.

No.. actually, I think that was just a blinking yellow light. Either way, I remember wondering if that’s what getting old is like. I also remember thinking someone would plow into the back of the car and that driving in Florida must be nuts (it is).

I guess my point is this. If that person in front of you seems dead set on making your day fall apart… be it at the store.. on the road… at dinner… Maybe that’s a good time to remember the last time you were in the grocery store’s fast lane with too many items and give the idiot in front of you a break.

That idiot could be you.


One Response to Stop and … well.. stop

  1. Wife says:

    Well written…you could be an author you know!!!

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