Arnold wants to terminate San Onofre State Beach.

Here is a letter to my state’s (California) Governor…. the Governator.. Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Arnold… I believe in you. I thought you should know the impression you are giving the people of your state.

We wonder why our action hero.. champion of the common person.. Kindergarten Cop… Running Man… the one who when the chips are down we can go to…

We wonder why you are selling our state. We are starting to wonder why you came to California.. The commoner still thinks you came for California life-style… where the outdoors is still important…

The commoner doesn’t understand the depths of your ego.. they haven’t seen the glimpses you gave in Pumping Iron…

You’ve obviously found something better than pumping up.. which you said was better than.. er.. shall we say you said it felt pretty good.

You’ve found pure power… and you’ve discovered it is yours to abuse.

You’ve discovered what people with means will do to direct that power.

History loves those that show restraint. History immortalizes those that champion for the land and the common people.

History vilifies those that sell their power to the highest bidder… or those that are duped by fast-talking swindlers.

I still believe in you to do the right thing.

You are being duped on the whole toll road affair. It is bad for California.

Solidify your place among the hero’s of real-life History. Stop the toll road at San Onofre.

Be a Hero.

Here’s what Heull Howser of California’s Gold (a PBS TV program) says about the proposed toll road.

If you want to do something to help… go here!


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