Plannin’ for the JMT

April 19, 2016

Well… this is cool. I used to backpack as a kid. Actually, I kinda grew up in the woods. It wasn’t that I backpacked. I just wore a pack to take the stuff I needed to be where I was.

I suppose this idea followed me around. My pack increased in size to a Honda CRX… then came a wife and kids and the pack became an apartment and then a house… and the woods bit kinda went away.

After the mountains and the backpack came the CRX and a ski town… then the CRX and surfing… then the aforementioned wife and kids.

I don’t want to sound like the wife and kids took these things away from me. We camp and stuff, but it is far less of a lifestyle than it used to be. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just the way it is.

Now a co-worker of my wife’s, who has also become a mutual friend, mentioned that he was walking the JMT. The what? The John Muir Trail. He is recreating a trip from his past and put word out that he’d like company if anyone would like to walk some of the trail with him.

Well, hell yeah! My wife knows I need something like this. I’ve been an at home parent for a long time and complain about never getting any time off. 7 days in the wilderness without any family responsibility (other than to stay alive) is exactly what I need.

Now I get to start planning what I’ll be packing. I never used to plan. I’d grab the pack and toss in the necessities and start walking… but I’m a lot older and softer now. I probably feel I need far more than I used to … and I’m far-less capable of carrying it. So… a little planning is in order.

One thing I’m thinking of is what I’m using right now. I’m typing with a portable keyboard and my Kindle fire… Not exactly light… but probably the same as a notebook… the kind with paper and a spiral… I have a solar lantern (tiny) that has a battery that can recharge the kindle… so I may take this rig along to write.

Anyway… thinking about that made me want to test it out… and thus, this blog entry was born…

So… after I don’t know how long, Pangea Native is back on the air.




Toll Troll trying to regenerate

October 7, 2011

Any nerd worth his salt knows that Trolls regenerate. Why should the Toll Troll be any different? Once again we see that dead doesn’t mean dead.

The TCA (Transportation Corridor Agencies) was told by the California Coastal Commission and, more importantly, by the people that their proposed toll road wasn’t kosher.

So what did they do? What any good 3-year-old does. Ignore everyone and just do what they want to do.

“What?” you say.

Yup. They have decided to just piecemeal the project.

“Is this legal?” you say.


“Will it work?” you ask.

I hope not. These guys couldn’t even get the Bush Administration to sign off on this thing with the “We need it for National Defense” argument. But, every time this stuff comes up there is a chance that things go horribly wrong. They are counting on complacency. We haven’t gone anywhere and there arguments hold less water now than they did before.

“So why are they doing this?” you ask.

Well… I’m a nobody. I know what I read and what I heard during two protests. During one of those protests a young lawyer came up to me and said that I should give up because it was “already a done deal. ” It obviously wasn’t a done deal in the sense that it was a legal deal. But, somewhere someone or group of people have obviously been handing promises or money around so that they can’t quit. I’m betting it has something to do with big money developers.

You can count on two things here. We, the crazy, green, tree-huggers,  aren’t going anywhere and the Toll Troll isn’t either.

They’ll talk about jobs and how their project will give lots of jobs… But I ask you this. Do you think they are looking for the solution that provides the most jobs for the longest period of time? Of course not. They want the least jobs for the shortest period of time so their profits are higher.

They can come up with other solutions. We put a man on the moon. We can do this.

The solution will give more long-term jobs and that’s what the Toll Troll (TCA) _doesn’t_ want.

Nature vs Snobs

September 6, 2011

Well… it seems a small community, that recorded CC&R’s with the county of San Diego calling for the exclusion of blacks, asians, latinos & jews when the project was originally developed, don’t want the Buena Vista Lagoon to continue its journey back to being what it is… er.. was… a salt water lagoon.

Why? They think the mud will smell bad.

Smell bad? Worse than when the lagoon gets millions of gallons of sewage leaked into it every few years? Really?

A natural, salt-water lagoon doesn’t smell bad… it smells natural. Your car smells bad.

Now the state is going to drop the restoration of the lagoon rather than deal with these elitist snobs.

I say we spend some time getting to know the folks down there. Perhaps hanging around and sharing our opinions with them. Hell, on any given day I smell much worse than a lagoon. Honest.

Here’s the article.

… and if you’re interested.. here’s the community’s web site.

… and here’s a map on how to get there.

Have a good day!

The Feds Agreed!!!

January 9, 2009

Well.. I was suprised this past December.. I was certain that NOAA would succumb to the idiocy that is the Bush Administration’s handling of anything regarding natue and overturn the California Coastal Commission’s ruling on the Toll Troll.

I don’t usually like to say this.. but … I was wrong!!!  We still won!! The Toll Troll tried to say that their project was needed for national security.. and even mentioned the possiblility of an evacuation due to an nuclear accident at San Onofre.. hmm.. let me see.. would I drive up to San O and pass by the plant to get to this live-saving road?  Uh.. no… What if I lived in San Clemente.. would I drive toward the hypothetically-melting-down plant to get to this road… uh… no..  and how about all the alternatives that the TCA didn’t consider??

Well  NOAA saw through the smoke and mirrors and sided with common sense.. The Toll Troll even tried to say cutting through the park with a big-ass highway would HELP the environment.. Ha!  Amazing what greed will make people say.

But.. I’m rambling.. I really don’t have time to type right now.. but.. I’ve been meaning to share this news.. so.. consider it shared.

Toll Troll at it again!

September 23, 2008

Here’s a tired surfer sitting through hours of people telling the feds why “the 241” isn’t needed..

Desalinization Plant

August 4, 2008

I’ve been too busy to write anything lately.. but I had to get this thought out there before I forgot it..

There is talk here of building a Desalinization Plant to give us water to drink… there are some issues with it.. environmental.. and the high cost… but.. my problem is more basic.

The county has turned down a few proposals to re-claim water, clean it.. and re-use it.. but the opponents call that “toilet to tap” .. which isn’t true.. but does it’s damage..

My problem?? well.. Those same people that don’t want the reclamation projects are for desalinization.

Why doesn’t that make sense??  Well that not-clean-enough-for-me water is sent to the ocean.. where the desalinization plant will suck it up and take the salt out.. and clean out any impurities..

So.. it just adds one extra step to putting the water into the tap.. if we just cleaned the damn water in the first place we’d have plenty… because no matter how much we talk about not having enough water.. people will still run their water for 5 minutes while they brush their teeth…

NRA puts gun to voter’s head.

July 1, 2008

This looks like typical politics.

The NRA is putting _your_ gun to _your_ head and telling you who to vote for.

The way to stop the NRA is to convince them that they will make a lot more money by having a Democrat as president of the US.. that would increase their donations three-fold.

Now.. I wish I had time to pursue this.. but my oldest kid has thrown up 5 times today..